Time for a Digital Detox

being on my ownReminder to self:

I declare (for myself) that June be dedicated to self-discovery and self-care. This one is inspired very much by the feeling I miss from our month-long holiday in a different space: the ability to experience meaningfully and introspect comfortably has slowly been faded by our local obsession with busyness.

Half a year after the exit from the safe haven of Junior College, this new normal has been as intentions-based as possible. In the attempt to be more grounded to my values and to achieve greater emotional clarity, the concept of an “intentions-based 2016” was to associate intentions to every month rather than goals – unlike the ‘A’ level preparation days where goals were milestones and time was measured relative to exam dates; the crux is to “stop doing and just be”.

January was about bringing comfort to close friends from Junior College through the certainty of our mutual support amidst the new uncertain reality.

February, for the primary school and secondary school friendships forged that have stood the test of time.

March was critical for self-development as it found me reconnecting with platforms for growth (ie community service commitments and picking up skills like driving or leadership).

April and May were months for connecting and reconnecting; celebrating the friendships that prevailed albeit shifting realities and priorities. The spirit of give-and-take in a relationship.

June is a month for self – for time alone and for introspection.

The privilege of holding on to numerous important relationships (especially that of a complete family) and being a part of many movements larger than myself have guaranteed that everyday is different. Ordinary moments made extraordinary. In this break, I have been blessed with the wealth of trust from many others to give back purposefully, pay forward kindness and advocate beautiful possibilities. Some may think it selfish, but at this point I find it important to step back and do a timely check of “what is important to me?” and “why do I want to do this/these?” Given the opportunity to deliver a 45-minute sharing at the Asia Student Leadership Conference 2016 this Sunday, many nights like this have been devoted to asking meaningful questions and being completely honest with myself. I do this in hopes of aligning my actions with my intentions and values, to be a truer person.

For a conducive environment that promotes this conscious reflection and mindfulness, here’s to a (selective) digital detox: no Instagram, massive cut on Whatsapp conversations (I have recently archived 234 chats), a break from my Facebook photo diary and no online distractions that I scroll through incessantly.  To disconnect digitally in our world that is as much connected on the virtual realm just as we are physically is a true challenge. Especially so, because of the reliance we have on external affirmation of decisions that are otherwise completely personal. The intention this month is the amplify the inner voice while turning down the external one(s). May the quiet, truer values that I stand by prevail.

I declare (for myself) that June be dedicated to self-discovery and self-care. This is one that will see more writing than talking, thinking than doing and surrounding myself with those who bring out the best and truest in me.

P/S I apologise in advance for the attempts to connect going unreciprocated and the appointments being turned down.

being on my own2


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