The Story of the fOMidables

There is something magical about meeting people after significant time has past – the stories you tell of the memories once shared and the way you can hold onto the threads of constants that continue to bind us together despite the differences that have surfaced. Today I experienced exactly that with my second OM team from back in 2012: we call ourselves the fOMidables. Here’s our story-


2012 OM was special for me because of the strong support network the team provided that had been prominently absent in my first year in the program – I learned to appreciate the art of costuming with careful guidance from fellow teammates (in particular, Sherby) and began to pride myself in the patience I had for the tedious details. On the left, I remember vividly how the purple and silver costume was made from square pockets sewn from plastic book wrappings, stuffed with purple or silver confetti and then put together in a collage. It took many sleepless, late nights from the team. With any crazy idea that we had, we would always try and with any stressful periods for the team, we would cover up for each other unconditionally. If the performance people needed help, we would rehearse lines in the DnT with the techies and if they needed help, everyone picks up a drill.




I appreciate the unity that remained even in the subsequent year of the program – I was always comforted by the sight of these teammates who knew my work and play ethics through and through. They knew my breaking points before they came and the comfort food that would calm me when I’ve been numbed to my exhaustion. Unity was the strength that comforted our anxious selves as we huddled together before the beginning of our World Finals performance that would soon see us obtain record-breaking Long Term Problem scores.

And, we always knew how to have fun – I strongly believe that is what kept us going on the nightmare of a night before Full Dress Rehearsal, no doubt the most nerve-wracking milestone for any OM team. The night before, we stayed till 130AM in the DnT looking at the vehicle (that cost bulk of the points in our problem) that was unable to move on its own. I remember, then, our coach had said, “If all else fails, tomorrow we will carry the vehicle from place to place and laugh.” With that, we all laughed. That night, none of us slept a wink and reported back to school at 430AM the next morning to brave the Full Dress Rehearsal with whatever we had. It was knowing how to have fun that gave us strength.

That afternoon, we lay side by side on the floor of the gym and fell asleep after the rehearsal. Who knew we were capable of all this?



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