Christmas: 10 Things

merry christmas

Christmas eve morning, I’m in our cozy apartment at the heart of Estes Park, Colorado in the United States. The air outside is still and the snow has settled, covering everything with layers of white. Hot chocolate is our morning go-to in this chilly weather nowadays – it brings a warm tingling to the heart. In Singapore time, it is less than an hour in Christmas. This triggers my annual reflection about what ‘Merry Christmas’ means to me:

Not particularly religious or inquisitive in this area, I have failed to formulate a take on the origins of Christmas. Instead, I am more aware of how we are experiencing Christmas today – the Christmas stockings, Christmas trees and their accompanying ornaments, the caroling and the reunion of families around a table of good food. Back in Singapore when I closed my eyes and imagined ‘Christmas’, I would think snow, Christmas lights, snowball fights, building snowmen and the exchange of greetings with every eye contact made with even strangers. For Christmas this year, I am experiencing exactly that in the U.S. and it feels like a dream. This is magical and I do feel so very blessed.

Christmas remains a season of giving for me: a time to be thankful for the miracles we have experienced in our lives and to pay it forward to those around us with presence. This morning I lay in bed, just awake. In one hand, I was hugging my new soft toy Frosty. I decided to think of 10 miracles I have been given to be thankful for this Christmas:

1 For my one of a kind family and siblings

2 For meals that are so full and nourishing

3 For the quality education (and literacy) I have received in the past year

4 For the friends who love me so that I have crossed paths with

5 For everyone else who have came by and gone, but left their valuable footprints

6 For the privilege of serving time and again

7 For the people who have believed in me and invested in me

8 For the chance to travel through countries

9 For my greatest worry at any point being “Which university will I get to?” instead of anything else

10 For living past my fifth birthday

My only regret this Christmas is to be apart from parents and my extended family.

Merry Christmas everyone! It is my pleasure to have you meet Frosty:



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