From Taiwan, With Love

taiwan taipei.png

We are taking a long time to take off. Homeward bound from Taiwan, this feels like the beginning of a mad rush – in less than 24 hours, we would be back on a plane, leaving Singapore heading for our 3-week adventure in the US. With the benefit of time on this flight and 5 hours of sleep, it feels timely for a reflection on the moments I hope to remember from this family trip.

Counting my blessings while being mindful on the course of the trip, I wonder if I will have yet another chance to spend such precious quality time with my entire family and my grandparents like we did on this trip. Holding hands with my grandmother while walking along the streets or accompanying my grandfather at snail’s pace, always thoughtful, were characteristic of the trip. In the decade between this Taiwan trip and our last family holiday, I have had the luxury to travel with the “OM family” or the “YCS Washington Family”. Both were blessings to have as we took care of each other extremely well while away from home, sharing a precious sense of camaraderie. This time, I bask in the fortune of being the “little princess” when traveling with my family members (they always take special care of their youngest daughter in the family). I can fully, completely be a child that I am – the 18 year old who wants to bring a panda soft toy on the trip, whatever it takes. I am not the senior from a Division 3 team who has to lead roll calls or the team leader who has to communicate diplomatically with Community partners and beneficiaries.

I am a child and a curious explorer. I can be completely foolish.

It has been a decade before this that our family could afford a trip like this together and I’m not sure if it would be a decade more before we get a chance like this. My feelings of happiness and gratitude at this point are in hopes of taking none of this for granted and derived very much from the precious moments on this trip that I have enjoyed. The lights from street signs that never sleep, the 80-second long pedestrian crossing countdown and the foggy morning air – the place where my family has shared numerous memories of holding hands, laughing and doing silly things – I will remember this for a long time to come. Thanks Taiwan




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