Celebrate 2015

Since the birth of my WordPress, the Celebrate 2013 and Celebrate 2014 posts have been published on 31 December of the year in celebration of the year that has come and gone- for the adventures, people and growth that it has brought along with it and most of all for the privilege of having had this precious time. I take these posts as a means of finding closure and meaning from the experiences of the year and also to put in perspective how blessed I am to have had the luxury of this time while others across the globe struggle with horrifying infant mortality rates. For this year, it is slightly different as I embark on a month-long retreat from Singapore’s hustle and bustle to the luxury of going overseas with my family members, the ones closest to my heart. So for the year that has come and gone, I rejoice and reflect:

Odyssey of the Mind- Remaining in the Family |

The drive and determination picked up from Odyssey of the Mind will always remain a big part of who I’ve become today, and the dream team that has been a quiet constant for me are ones I hope to keep for a long time (even when half of us are already overseas studying). Judging once more at the OM Nationals 2015 brought familiar warmth along with reminders of the impossible that can be made possible with learning from endless failures:


Youth Corps Singapore- Second-half Semester |

It is always my pride and privilege to be a part of Team Washington. Together this year, Washington One pushed boundaries (paradoxically) while working within our comfort zone of having children as beneficiaries. ‘Little Learning Club’, a reading program aimed at cultivating interest in the English language, has since benefitted low-income pre-school children in the Lakeside and Jurong neighbourhood. It will be a blessing for me to have the opportunity to work with teammates of such immense chemistry and passion, mentors of genuine love and concern and Community Partners (like Lakeside Family Services) who are true partners, working hand in hand with volunteers from start to end.YCS4

11707562_10154078978791002_3601446108577116251_n.jpgYCS3These late night meetings that we brought our exhausted selves to from work and school will be etched in my memory for a long time.

YCS2.jpgThe way we had one another’s backs as we nervously presented our project proposal to the panel of staff will remain one of my proudest moments.

YCSGraduating from Youth Corps, I am now empowered as a Youth Corps Aspirant Leader to be the rallying force amongst peers and with platforms or resources provided by the amazing team behind this program. As the pioneer batch had written in the pledge we composed, “Once a Youth Corps, always a Youth Corps!”

Photo 10-12-15, 10 41 13 AM

Photo 1-12-15, 12 59 40 PM

Farewell JC – Runway, Interact, A Levels|

Taking A levels and being a JC student will now be a chapter to close as we begin a new one filled with uncertainty and adventure. I find myself thankful for these moments as a student, these classmates I’ve found – I will miss this old normal in time. I think mostly, I would always be thankful for the opportunities that I have enjoyed in 2014 from having this protected environment of a school and the people I have met here who have brought me newfound joy and love.

Our Year Together – Tham Sze Rong

The one who has been like a sister to me, thanks for yet another year together. This one’s special because we could spend it in the same campus, with each other just a dial away. Thanks for the nights we studied, afternoons we shared lunch and the every dance showcase, Runway show, morning chats that you never failed to turn up for.

You’ll always be a treasure I’ve been too privileged to deserve. 2016 A levels, we can do this!


Quality time with Family

This year was one of ups and downs for the family (just as every year is turbulent). I am ever so thankful for having them supporting me in my every endeavour and privileged to have a family this complete and loving.



10984122_10204340554133851_3886623633015031983_n (1)

Dear me, you should be very proud and thankful for what 2015 has brought to you. Now, here’s to the adventures to come from the month-long overseas retreat and the exciting year ahead.


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