9 December 2015


Absence makes the heart grow fonder- my experience with farewells from last year has given this common phrase new meaning. My sister’s year-long absence has brought a newfound level of bliss and appreciation to days like today. Today is the sort of day I would like to remember for a long time not for a spectacular event or a significant milestone, but simply for a very pleasant feeling that I experienced as the day went by.

Today my sister and I found our way back to where all the adventures began years ago, back within the Tiong Bahru estates. This place holds many memories for us because it was where we saw the beginning to many adventures that have become our precious shared memories. For me, what began as a curious desire to dig deeper into the streets of Singapore also became a pleasant discovery of a new hiding, away from the noise of the city. The cafes here have memories of my quiet writing, thinking and being alone; Books Actually has been the place for the love at first sight moments I have shared with many of my favourite reads and the bakeries have no doubt some of the best savouries I’ve come to appreciate.

For where it has brought me and for the time it has allowed me to spend with my sister (in a long time), this day has been kind. Thank you.



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