New Normal

Photo 29-11-15, 9 41 06 PM

Morning: being awoken by the sun rays peeking through my blinds as 7AM arrives, then sipping on my favourite brand of Hazelnut coffee while reading the newspapers. If I’m lucky, perhaps I’d share a conversation with my parents before our day begins. Following which, the agenda for the day that lies ahead depends entirely on “what I hope to do” and not “what I need to do”. I could definitely get used to this new normal of re-establishing my equilibrium, this time, in the absence of an everyday obligation to be academically productive.

This feeling is surreal. It is almost as if the “your time is up, put your pens down” moment for our last paper had invited serendipity to replace anxiety, and replaced the two year long lingering responsibility to keep up with academics with a newfound ‘permit’ to liberation. I have had my mandatory celebration immediately after that paper that I’ve imagined over the past month with excitement. I have packed my room, cupboards, table and shelves clear of any evidence of the month that has just come and gone. I have resumed the night-time bonding with family. And from yesterday with a visit to the Singapore National Gallery (I must say, a complete beauty inside and out) I have begun searching for the remnants of myself before A levels took over- the spontaneity, the mindfulness, the lifestyle shaped by intentions rather than goals and the adventures that would take my mind and soul places.

Here’s to an amazing month of reading, writing and going places.

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8 thoughts on “New Normal

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