To Be Better

to be betterThe highlight of the term has been the winding down of CCA commitments– our last desperate attempts to expand our Junior College experience beyond the walls of the classroom, and to be part of a team that shares a common vision. Truth be told, the difficulty of managing academics (both revision of old topics and learning of new ones) together with the responsibilities in CCA has replaced the initial sadness to be leaving these communities with newfound excitement. This is excitement towards finally having the time for internalizing information, which would otherwise be a continuous overload of mysterious symbols and formulas. So with all these aside, ending on a satisfactory note, this last long holidays before the exam would truly be a test of discipline– and to realise this discipline, would require a serious assessment of our sense of purpose in this arduous journey towards the ‘A’ levels.

I have learned that when you enter the final year in Junior College, the flavor of the year’s conversations become ‘your aspirations and dreams’, as if 18 were milestone enough to be when you figure out your purpose in society. And it is in this year that I wished ‘the calling’ that they spoke of, were really something you could hear as long as you kept really quiet and listened closely enough. Calling or no calling, there also comes the question of how relevant whatever I will be diligently synthesizing and internalizing this holidays will be. At the recent 3rd National Healthcare Medical Symposium held at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, medical students shared that little of the academic knowledge gained from Junior College was applicable in their years of study in medical school (a somewhat disappointing reality to be faced with at the beginning of the June holidays); but at the same time they were inspiring with their philosophies of ‘building a portfolio not to look like a better person, but to be one’. And I guess for now, that may be reason enough to drive us through the June Holidays’ test of discipline.

This June Holidays (apart from all the studying) will be a mix of my attempt to be with people I truly appreciate including friends and family, my hopeful exploration of my area of interest and a period of momentary solitude so that maybe if I kept myself quiet enough, I could listen to my calling. Amidst all this, time is key.

time is key