The School Life (Cont.)

Photo 24-12-14 7 24 22 pm

This is a continuation of posts where I appreciate my school life, beginning here.

The first week as a Year 2 is vastly different from what my first week was like as Year 1; but I’m thrilled for the year to come all the same. Returning to the company of classmates that I’ve become familiar with– the humour that tickles me (or not), the soft murmurs throughout physics tutorials and the awkward ‘hellos’ which avoid eye contact persist even after our year together. It’s not perfect, but I’ll miss it when we graduate. The canteen is increasingly less disliked, though it’s still far from my favourite place in school: a hodgepodge of people with immense energy, too much, and the hangouts that never end keep the place filled with conversation till the evening. Chill@RI remains one of the best places because of its people and Tonkatsu is still my favourite stall for the couple and young man with whom I have become friends. Assembly is becoming less dreadful, I think I might miss being in a community of students who’d sit down to listen to assembly talks and gather weekly without fail. I’ll miss having “Head of Years”, these arbitrary adults meant to give us prep talks about who to be and what to do every once in a while (Thanks Ms. Hor you’re adorable).

Counting down to the days when the new batch of Year 1s will be welcomed to the January Induction Programme is synonymous to counting down the days of this unique surreality of the campus that we have experienced in this past week– now I understand what the mild displeasure I sensed from our seniors when we just entered the campus was all about. And I’m beginning to see how Year 1 was a complete honeymoon. You know, you don’t realise these things until you look back to it on hindsight. And now when I think about it, I wish someone had told me to take chances. 

One of my greatest fears before entering JC was that of being overcommitted, having too many things on my plate and misjudging my ability to manage my time. I was afraid I would crumble into a million pieces thanks to my silly commitments and soon enough land myself in the awful position of doing terribly in my academics. But in that time, I wish someone had told me early, “Do your tutorials, listen in class; and take chances. You’ll be okay” because two CCAs, Dramafeste, Weekly external volunteer work, leading initiatives and my advocacy team worked out for me. I wish someone had told me not to worry unnecessarily and not to wildly imagine JC to be so much more different than school life before. That way, I would’ve appreciated the beauty of this college earlier, and more deeply. The beauty in the opportunities offered, the facilities available, the people I would meet in time and share memories with in this space.

With the year I have left in this school, I think that’s what I’d like to be mindful of in my everyday.


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