(Our Last) First Day

firstdayIt’s a strange feeling to be back in school– the familiar compound and the perpetual muffled noise as you pass by the canteen from along the corridor at 7AM. The chalkboard says “Welcome Home” in a font that I wish I could draw in, and the canteen vendors smile, radiant, as if they were thrilled to finally be serving in a canteen filled with people once more. The teachers are smiling, their eye circles seem to have faded a little. Our discipline master got a hair cut: I suppose setting a good example for the “boys who have inappropriate hair lengths”, as my Civics Tutor attempts to put it.

This morning our principal puts together an analogy that compares the year ahead of us, Year 6s, to handphones and the important things that must be on our minds constantly, as handphone applications. “The GPS,” he says, “to give direction”. He has pregnant pauses occasionally, but finishes his analogy leaving me sitting with pins and needles in my legs. I am thankful to have a principal who tries this hard to put his concern and love for us into words and delivers every address on stage, trying to reach to not our minds, but our souls and hearts with his words. This is followed by a long string of announcements by the respectable Ms Chen– the one who miraculously puts together our administration with her team and tries her best to accommodates the thousands of requests and nitpicking of subject combinations so often. She leaves and the DM takes over, oh great. His kind eyes are smiling as he reminds us to keep to the rules and be prepared for attire check next week. I enjoy his lectures. 

The rest is a frenzy until I arrive back in my homeroom, and lessons begin.

I think I would want to remember this day for a really long time: my last first day in school. You can read this piece I wrote about Learning to Love School that I recently wrote for what has become my favourite blog for youths! Hope the many more days to come (that will make up our year) will be superb!


2 thoughts on “(Our Last) First Day

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