Celebrate 2014

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This time last year, I celebrated 2013 and as usual (like every other 31 December of any year), it was naturally a time for reflection and resolution. Strangely, we have transformed the time taken for the Earth to make one revolution about the Sun into the arbitrary time upon which we list down ‘Things to be Better At Next Year’ or ‘Things I Am Thankful for this Year’. In some senses, it is the doing of our human nature that instinctively find comfort in having some form of pattern to rely on. Some order that we require to check back and look for milestones in our lives, because we are so dynamic we can barely handle it. But 365.25 days isn’t that big of a deal when you realise how gradually we’ve been changing and benefitting from our experiences throughout the entire year; every day, every moment, every special person met and every conversation.

Sometimes our overemphasis on the yearly countdown, smudges the memories of the little things we fail to appreciate along the way– the time my mother consoled me after a hard day, or the evening I spent having dinner with a senior who returned to bring takeout for me; it is difficult to immortalise these powerful moments with impactful people if we only do check backs and reflection every 365.25 days. (This is why I have a blog.)

But with that said, I suppose celebrating every year’s experiences as a whole has it’s pros. Days ago, at the Halogen Foundation NYLA 2014 Award Presentation, I was once more handed a mic, given a stage and presented an audience with their listening ears. The attention empowered me to once again stand before a group of people and share my thoughts and feelings. This time the subject at hand was an overview of the greatest achievements in 2014 and the value we would like to hold close to our hearts onward 2015. In sharing this toward the end of this year, it was refreshing to recap the milestones of the year (in order to decide my ‘greatest achievements in 2014’) and at this point, I’d like to present you with a compilation of these milestones:

February | Working closely with Project Cats in Hats 


February| Championing our cause to support Room to Read, Singapore



February| BW03

Untitled3 Untitled4 Untitled5

March| Dramafeste

Untitled6 Untitled7 Untitled8

March| Being in Interact


March| Housecomme Camp

Untitled9 Untitled10

May | Pulling off our Cats in Hats Room to Read Initiative

Untitled11 Untitled12

May| Being part of Raffles Runway 2014


May| Watching my outfit on the runway

Untitled14 Untitled15

June| Going on the International Understanding Trip to Cambodia

Untitled16 Untitled17

June| Meeting these people in Youth Corps Singapore who would soon become family


July| Shaving for Hair for Hope with my Dad


July| Being ‘World Change Agents’ alongside others from Blessings in a Bag


August| Learning to let go while celebrating how far we’ve come


August| My First 15km


September| Getting to share my experience with fellow Aspirants


November| Returning to the City


November| Somewhat Successful Class BBQUntitled23

November| Returning to Singapore Writer’s Festival with the favourite girls


December| Delivering our project at Vietnam Environment Administration Building

Untitled27 Untitled28

December| Celebrating with this team and my favourite people in Vietnam

Untitled29 Untitled30

December| Celebrating Christmas with the ones who’ve stayed on for years (and counting)



goodbye2014For these experiences I have invested in this 2014 and for the people who’ve crossed paths with me in this fateful year, thanks for making m who I am today. Thanks 2014, for coming by and allowing me the time and privilege to enjoy these moments. Here’s to a great 2015!


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