Can You Imagine?

can you imagien

Can you imagine, if we had all we wanted—the things we keep saying we are short of, we finally had it all? If we had all the resources, money and time we needed; the success we wanted: we are wearing the clothes and shoes we want to, going about our days doing what we loved and everything was as close to perfection as it could ever be—if we were sufficiently satisfied. We would be ready to prioritize the happiness of others over our own, the needs of others; that’s where we would put ‘fun’ above ‘fast’ and pick ‘inspire’ not ‘ignore’.

Where this impossible becomes possible in an alternate universe, here are the additional amenities I would fight for in our society:

Elderly Listening Centre

I have concluded from sometime ago that above everything, what the elderly of our society really wish for is a listening ear—people to listen to their stories, hopes, dreams; the challenges they’ve overcome and the things they have done with their every day. So we should have an Elderly Listening Centre, where strangers would do walk-in volunteerism whenever they felt like and elderly could stream in to buddy up with these volunteers, who would listen to them, and learn from the treasure they can offer with their stories.

Music MRT Rides

I once imagined that the one way to rid of earpieces acting as an evil invention to shut out the rest of the world and make us all oblivious, we should have music playing in every MRT carriage—each one a different genre and soundproof. Based on the market survey conducted over the course of a year, carriages are allocated to the different kinds of music and tracks are volunteered and compiled, ready. So as we go about our day, we do so with the choice of entering a ‘Jazz Carriage’ or a ‘Country Pop Carriage’ Of course, to cater to those who just need to sleep soundly in a silent carriage, there would be those with no music playing. This way, we can all enjoy the same tracks when in the same carriage, we could even dance together.

Gossip Gangs

There is a need to control gossip: the rumours that fly invalidated and the lies that spread like wildfire for no good reason. Healthy gossip is fine. The root of the problem is the gossips, who can’t help but talk and care more about talking non-stop than about speaking truth. It’s a habit that can’t be controlled, it seems. So a controlled space should be created where they may talk non-stop and have each other take them seriously. That way, we could save the rest of us from the unhappiness or unnecessary disputes that arise from the lies they speak. So there, let’s give the gossip gangs a controlled space—a fancy room of sorts maybe.

Can you imagine? When we would be ready to prioritize the happiness of others over our own, the needs of others; that’s where we would put fun above fast and pick inspire not ignore. I’m still waiting.


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