Blessed on 23 November

23 NovemberThis one’s about the weekend that slowly comes to an end tonight– I’m writing about it because I’d like for this overwhelming feeling of love and bliss to sink in for a bit, and be documented by my writing so I’ll remember for a long time to come.

For a couple of months now, I have been going to church with my maternal grandparents, hoping this would grant me more time and shared memories with them. I’m not Christian; but in my attendance to this congregation of Hokkien-speaking elderly providing support for one another, I feel like I’ve come to understand my grandparents a little bit more. And today was yet another Sunday where we dutifully attended church. This day at church was special because at the beginning we had arranged with my sister so have her skype me so everyone in church could talk to her– it’s a small group that loves teenagers and they adore my sister’s lively aura you see. Seeing the life breathed into my grandparents and their friends in having the thrill to speak to a virtual version of one of their favourite teens around, was a good way to start, and the rest of it went as usual but it was good to be back here with my grandparents after three weeks of MIA because of various weekend events.

Following which, we had lunch where my paternal grandfather came along. I see him quite little (just because, I’m not sure why) so it was a blessing to be in his company after weeks of not seeing him. The special memory we made together today would be buying new slippers and I don’t want to forget that for a really long time because we barely have shared memories of any sort. In this time that I’ve been going to Sunlove Home regularly, I think my Hokkien has improved, at least by a bit, and that comfort it grants me in communicating with my grandfather was heartwarming.

Today is also tremendously special because of my parents taking a break– first, my mom and I went shopping. I must emphasize the minute amount of time we have spent shopping together since my sister left for exchange about 3 months ago because we both got so busy. In fact, I haven’t really shopped for a long time because while my sister was around, she was the one buying all my clothes and shoes amidst her own regular online shopping. So the day was special because we went shopping; and I felt like a little princess in the company of my mom. Also, my dad and I watched Big Hero 6 together. I’m not sure he’s that fond of movies but in the past 3 months since my sister left for exchange, he has become my substitute movie buddy and watched at least 2-3 movies with me. I remember not enjoying this once when I was younger: I thought he laughed too loudly in the cinema, asked me too many unnecessary questions and often took away insights I couldn’t relate to from movies. But increasingly, I’m learning to treasure this time that comes once in a blue moon and be thankful for the break that he is taking from his busy schedule.

Mm, with that, today has hands down been the best weekend in a long time and the family time it has allowed for me will continue to bask my heart with warmth and love for a longer time.


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