I Take After

I Take AfterPeople say I look like my dad, but you know there are so many other things that we share in common but people don’t see. We have the same temperament, the one that makes me impatient with people I can’t seem to express myself to; we share the same difficulty of articulating our feelings, I think that’s why sometimes I fail to show my friends how much they really mean to me and we share the same determination, I like to think that I took after him in the way he is driven by the purpose of building a home for his family to work long hours everyday– the same way I am driven by the causes I believe in, he is by his family.

I have been spending more time with my family recently because of the very cosy space we have temporarily moved into. Any conversation in this space is heard by all and often, commented by all. So it leaves us talking and discussing so much more than we used to, leading me to be reminded of the things about my parents that I seem to have forgotten in time or taken for granted– the lessons they have taught me and the person they have led me to become.

You know my mom is the most beautiful and capable woman in my heart: a kind of hero that has strived to make my everyday filled with joy and comfort. From the time I can remember, she has taught me my first words and listened to me patiently as I recounted my day (I still have that habit today). The warm hugs and consoling strokes on the head have never failed to bring comfort to me in my darkest of times, and I will never forget the times I came home crying in her embrace. There are also times when I give myself immense pressure: times like this, it’s like she can tell what I’m thinking just by looking at me so I can never lie to her. But then I am thankful, for the days she could tell I had sadness bottled up in me but didn’t ask when I requested so, because that must have been so much more difficult than just probing for an answer I would’ve ended up giving her anyway. She has taught me to love unconditionally and to be patient. In the way she treats the people around her (whether it is her friends, or her family), and because of the times she has made decisions often with everyone’s happiness and harmony in mind, I am constantly inspired to be loving to those around me in the way that she is. The most important lesson I constantly learn from her, though, is to take care of myself. To have me sit down over a cup of warm coffee in the mornings before going to school or go out for a movie with her (although she sleeps in every movie), she’d do anything.

And my dad– besides the many things I share in common with him, he has taught me about strength and belief. I grew up in a pretty secular environment because my parents are believers of their children having principles for themselves and learning about religion before making their choices as we grow up. While allowing me to be my own person, in the times where I want most to give up or need the most courage, my dad has always used his physical presence to bring me strength. This is extremely special because my dad is a very busy man who works beyond just everyone’s usual 9-5,and so any kind of time he forks out to be with us, I try to immerse fully as if it were eternity.

So there, this holiday I am reminded for the lessons from my parents that have come to make me who I am today.


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