All It Takes

all it takesEvery holiday, a significant amount of time is kept aside for the friends that I’ve yet to meet in weeks, months and sometimes even years. These holiday catch ups with the primary schoolmates, the friends I made from strangest of places or the ex-colleagues whom I have so fortunately created a bond with, have long become tradition. And today I thought I’d write about this tradition because the sustainability of friendships as such sometimes feels like a daunting accomplishment for me until I actually achieve it. I guess it’s only when you manage these catch ups that you find out that all it really takes is any sign of concern and commitment to rekindle friendships.

For those I have shared conversations with in the recent days, I have shown to them the-very-creative-thing-I-did-to-my-diary (or so I call it). And this creative thing has seen the planner in me categorise my weeks and attach lists of people I have slowly contacted in time– primary schoolmates, juniors, seniors, family and people from school. So there, this week has been the week for primary schoolmates– meeting two of the best friends from primary school has been refreshing and a great start to this holiday I intend to use well before we officially turn Y6 and face impending terror that others speak of in light of the A levels. In these conversations and catch ups, I sometimes feel like we make friends with our old friends all over again after not meeting for years because of how either (or both) of us have changed so much in the span of time. But I read somewhere that the powerful thing about long lasting relationships is the ability for friends to understand and love, if not just accept, the people we have become over and over again as the tide of time pushes us forward. So I suppose this constant rekindling of friendships makes me cherish this powerful ability I continue to share with my best primary school friends.


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