The Magic of the Arts

the magic of the artsThree days into the school holidays and I have found myself drawn to various forms of the arts once more– all of which, it appears, to be in search for more beauty, more answers (sometimes questions) and above all, for more immersive experiences where I can slow down and think about the thoughts and experiences of another. Attaining entry to art exhibits for me has been like stepping into an alternate reality for a period: meeting new perspectives that I hear or see through the art displayed. To an outsider, it appears that the inanimate art displays are there ‘for show’; but when you find yourself in the common space with an open mind and heart, they easily become displays to engage and to share telepathic conversations with, having you leave the room filled with a little more thought and insight.

Because I have such a strong attraction toward these places, I thought I’d share a little about the Art Book Fair 2014 that I was at today.

The Singapore Art Book Fair is an annual book fair specialising in contemporary art books and zines. International publishers, distributors and retailers are invited to be part of the Singapore Art Book Fair and visitors will include buyers and art book enthusiasts interested in gaining access and connection to the Asian world and art book buyers. Other art-related fringe activities such as film screenings, workshops, talks were also taking place. This was held at Gillman Barracks – a former military camp converted into Asia’s up and coming destination for contemporary art. The location was absolutely beautiful, as their mini introduction booklet perfectly puts it, “The conesrved colonial buildings are nestled amidst lush tropical greenery, and house renowned international art galleries that showcase some of the best art of our time.” So for all art enthusiasts, or galler-goers, this is a must-go for all of you!

And in response to those who’ve been asking me about the events coming up that would be relevant for art lovers as well, do google and look up the “Affordable Art Fair 2014” happening from 20-23 November 2013. The Affordable Art Fair as a global phenomenal has the aim of making contemporary art accessible to everyone. With a selection of more than 1– local and international contemporary art galleries, the Fair showcases a diverse collection of high quality original contemporary artworks all priced between $100 to $10, 000. This offers you the opportunity to learn more about art and also allows you to experience the multi-disciplinary workshops available. Get your fair tickets today!


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