cyclingThis weekend, besides being at the Singapore Writers Festival (that was absolutely exhilarating), I had some family time, cycling at East Coast Park with my godsister and brother– pedaling on my aunt’s bike in line with my brother, one behind the other, we were cycling for the first time in a long while. With the breeze blowing past us and taking our voices along, it was difficult to listen to each other, but we managed anyway. And this is a special memory to me because this weekend has been a two-day preview of what I hope most of my holiday will be like: lots of family time, exercise and being close to the beautiful places full of insight and art of different forms.

I often think that we spend our days very subconsciously, it’s as if the moments pass us by way too quickly to keep track of what every moment feels like. I find it difficult to savour how thankful I am to be with people in the moment, or how happy I am to be where I am at that point; but I try because I think it’s really important (to live consciously). I once read an article about how the 5-day work week is a trap because it makes us crave rest. As a result, when our 2-day break also known as the ‘weekends’ come along, we take shortcuts and find ways and means to fill in that time with as much rest and relaxation as we can manage in that short amount of time. Eventually, we find ourselves resorting to addictions: we game, watch dramas, binge eat or go on retail therapy– each of these, unhealthy and unfruitful in the long run. It was a terrifying thought to me: that we would fall into the trap of being short-sighted in fulfilling our desires and seeking pleasure in our lives. And hence the resolve, to live consciously.

A good 5-6 weeks have passed since the end of the Promotional Exams and in an attempt to spread out the mix of relaxation and learning I’ve been wanting to manage, this weekend has been a peak, and here’s to writing about it to keep track of the little things that have filled my life with that bit more of fulfillment and joy.


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