The Spirit of a Warrior

1424305_10201130466523667_2026596964_nI’ve had lesser to say these days as the focus has been shifted to trying to find my way back into my comfort zone for just a bit. This means more time spent alone, more time spent with intimate company and a little more thinking than talking. And so I’ve been thinking– it has been an entire year since our batch’s Farewell Alma-Mater (our rendition of graduation prom) as our juniors walk through the school’s Evelyn Norris Hall for theirs today. A year ago, in their position, I had refused the temptations of the 75-dollar prom and spent a good month following which with the looming fear of the impending uncertainty of this queer thing called ‘Junior College’. 

But clearly now that I’m back before my computer typing away, I’m reminded of thoughts I’d like to be shared. And today, I want to be talking about the spirit of a warrior that I have learned from not just my family members, but also the numerous people I have come to learn from and respect in this year ever since I walked out of the RGS School Gates in the dark blue pinafore for the last time.

The spirit of a warrior, is one that doesn’t back down. Despite the struggles and the challenges, the uncertainties or the obstacles, it is one that chooses to put its best foot forward instead of take many steps backwards. In face of external pressure, it is one that remains firm; and under the influence of similar forces, it is one that filters to receive the constructive bits of those forces. It is a skill. And this year, I have seen it possessed by so many. In my relentless Youth Corps team that is still, today, diligently in search for constant improvement of ideas to deliver the best despite the countless times we may have been thrown offshore by changes in direction; in the classmates and schoolmates, whom I have seen studying, and focused, in the pursuit for the understanding of a discipline or in the batch, as a whole, where everyone appears to be engaged so completely in the process of gaining that ‘ticket to a brighter future’, or so they say.

I respect this spirit because of the power it gives the people who possess it: those who dare say what they believe in because they want to make a point, those who defy the social norms just because it’s meaningless to conform to this mould of what the community expects of them and those who look beyond the narrow appearance of what the everyday routine of a Rafflesian seems to be about in order to find purpose. I feel like that makes the people who stand out so much more different than those who don’t, and I am thankful for my family who remains a constant reminder to possess this spirit of a warrior. For it is people like my sister, who reminds me to do what I want and not what others want me to even if it’s more difficult. Without which, I would never be doing most of the things I have found myself doing in this year that has come and gone.


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