Farewell October

bye octoberI do believe in commemorating art and memories, the beauty of the things that surround us and that we tend to subconsciously breeze by without noticing. Because that makes us live more consciously of the things to be thankful for. October has come and gone real quick, and trying to think about where all this time has gone to in a flash is challenging. But in summary I realised, that I’ve spent this month focusing a lot on finding new direction in academics and finding time and space for myself, allow me to share with you the highlights:

Getting back Promos Results was like receiving back works of art I created- this is a strange comparison but allow me to explain. The way results resemble works of art, to me, is the idea of the sense of ownership behind them. The same way a work of art is created by its owner every stroke of the paintbrush and sketch of a pencil, the results were obtained with the hardwork of a student. And the same way one is the artist to his own artwork, we get to decide where to take our academics and results from here. I think the way this ‘academics and results and tests and assessments’ thing works in my head, is that it’s all a process that we largely a mastermind of. And wherever we are now, we have the power to decide where to go from here. Since it’s a process, it’s also more meaningful to compare where you have taken this process from the common tests and not so much where your process is compared to others (though this comparison serves a different, and important purpose in itself). But I guess getting back results this month was more of a reflection of my process, for myself.

Multiple museum visits brought me back to the heart of where I feel most human. In the museum visits that I’ve been on this month, both to enjoy exhibits with friends and to relive or experience the memories of those who have passed have been the most fruitful part of my month. I think the idea of putting together these artifacts and oral accounts that come together to reenact a person’s lives in the heads of those who come and go through these exhibits is an amazing way to celebrate the lives that have once passed- lives we can potentially learn from, or appreciate as part of what contributed to where we are today.

Preparing: And finally, preparing, has been the most tiring part of my month. In school, we’ve spent significant amount of time preparing for the Written Report submission and then Oral Presentation dry run. And on top of that, the Runway members have been preparing for our show next year through little stepping stones like Preliminary designs and Model Auditions. As if all that isn’t enough to fill my days, the Youth Corps Singapore team has been preparing for our Vietnam trip this December and we want it to be no less than fruitful. Sometimes the idea of preparing is tiring, it feels prolonged, something stretched and infinite. You can’t really see the end and sometimes, you feel the extreme- that it is unnecessary. But remembering that preparation is what truly gives us the sense of fulfillment the day we can scream ‘It’s COMPLETED!’ or ‘We are READY!’, and whisper softly to ourselves “I am so proud of what we have done,” I think I’ll hang in there for all these exhausting preparations.

Now onward to November! In this transition of school slowly coming to an end and us being in the limbo of having lesser work to do but having loads of Project Work preparation to be at, I hope to continue spending time at these things that I’d look back and deem worthwhile.


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