Product of Our Main Events

product of our main events

Meet one of the highlights of my weekend– dancing with this little one at a da:ns festival mass dance class event. I once published a post about the friendship that we share and somewhere in my archives, you’ll also find stories that culminate in this book I can imagine myself writing about the things we have learned from, with and for each other. One thing that I am reminded of this weekend, from these experiences I have shared with people and the conversations I’ve had the privilege to enjoy, is how we are all a product of our main events.

And by main events, I mean the big things that we are really doing in the small actions that we commit or the big beliefs we are actually standing up for in saying that words that we do say. I realise that the same way I subconsciously choose to respond a certain way to something, says a thousand words about the kind of person that I am. My involvement in Room to Read, in Interact and Runway, in Youth Corps Singapore; and my past involvement in the communities that I’ve crossed paths with all make up my list of main events. But the way main events contribute to who we become, appears to be the way we chose to exercise our involvement in them.

Take for example the main event that has recently come and past- the Promotional exams. The way we prepared for it, the way we sat for the examination- all of these appear to only have been the small actions and the essence of it that made this a ‘main event’ was the hardwork and perseverance displayed in the course of this. (I talked about this before). And so I’d say, that bringing the spotlight to the true main events, instead of the little actions or somewhat meaningless words that only have value when we you bring it in context of the essence of these main events.

Same goes for tomorrow, ‘Receiving Back our Promotional Papers’ is definitely yet another main event. The implication I think it has, though, on showing who we are or shaping who we are growing to be wouldn’t be affected by the alphabets that gather on our report card per se, but whether we choose to flaunt an ‘A’ grade or resolve to work harder from a ‘B’ grade.


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