The Day We Submitted our Written Report

in 2 weeks

It has barely been two weeks since the Promotional Exams ended and I had consecutive days of being in places I love with people I adore. The photo above was from that temporary happiness that followed the end of the exams.

But from that temporary break, the Written Report madrush had put my life on halt ever since with days and nights overwhelmed with Whatsapp discussions, debates over meals, late night discussions and a frenzy of thinking, typing and talking all at once. It had pressed a temporary pause button and prolonged every second of the day, every minute, each one maximised with my team members and myself before our devices typing away.

For the past (slightly less than) two weeks, my PW team had come together and did a major overhaul to our Written Report. The day we got back our WR Final Draft, I still remember us sitting outside the computer lab, broken by our PW teacher’s unhappiness toward our report for the umpteenth time. I have lost count of how many times we’ve relived this scene after consults, or upon receiving drafts we had worked hard on. But from that moment to today, our endless meetings and continuous working finally created a WR we can all say we take pride in. Though I can’t tell what an ‘A’ for PW really looks like, considering the numerous consults only left my team increasingly clueless by the contradictory or confusing comments; I’d say if there was one thing I had taken away from this 7 month (suffering) experience, it would be the friendship that was forged through this experience. And the parts of this experience I would never forget, would probably be the way we stood by each other, slowly learned to accept one another’s strange and differing working styles and found a way to laugh in the most exasperating moments of our lessons and consults.

The lead up to today’s submission was one that involved anything but sleep, but it was also this time that the resilience we possessed as a team made me feel prouder of us than ever before.

So I suppose it’s safe to say that as we finally all go to sleep tonight, today would be a milestone that marks the good day we finally let go of our Written Report for the four of us. See you on Saturday for our the beginning of our actual last lap.


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