Today is an Important Day

gabyjeyyphotographyToday is an exceptionally important day for two reasons- first, it is my sister’s Berkeley birthday (I’ll have this explained in a moment) and second, it is the last day my home will look the way it has looked for as long as I have lived. Allow me to elaborate on them in a little more detail:

So my sister turns 21 today in UC Berkeley while she’s there on exchange for a year, and because California has a time difference of about 15 hours behind Singapore, I have gotten the luxury of wishing her twice, and my sister, on the receiving end has had kind messages showering her with love from her Singapore friends and family followed by those in California. How nice it must be for your birthday to last 48 hours long. I can’t seem to put everything I want to thank my sister for or remind her I love her for all in one paragraph, though I did try on her birthday last year (See here when I attempted to last year).

And about my home, today we are moving out for about two months to have this place renovated completely. I suppose in 61 days we will be back in this same place, but it will be different, the only thing that remains is the feeling of being with family and the location, everything else changes. It’s like how your furniture and inanimate objects only become more valuable when they are attached to sentiments, memories, emotions, thoughts and moments. The thing is, every single corner and part of my home holds that much meaning to me that throwing all that out for the new hurts a little more than a little bit. But the idea is not all bleak if I keep in mind my parents’ dream house that we are creating, and savour the moments where their eyes twinkle and breaths hasten just talking about the type of beds they wish for their children to rest in and the colour of the rooms they want for themselves.

Hence, today is a very important day for me and thank you for sharing this mix of feelings I can’t put a name to with me. Have a good day yourself!


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