Happy Berkeley Birthday Sis!

long distance siblingshipDear sis,

Happy Berkeley Birthday (I love saying this because the alliteration rolls off my tongue and it sounds nice). It’s been 52 days since you left for California and thanks for constantly keeping us all updated on your 1001 adventures to the most beautiful places around your school. You have no idea how much I want to be there.

In light of your Berkeley Birthday and this long distance siblingship that we will sustain until you return, here’s to the things that I have missed since you were gone:

First, I haven’t returned to the gym we frequent ever since you left because I have no idea how to get there by public transport and no one is willing to drive me there like you do. So I miss that, and hopefully when you’re back I don’t become an unrecognisable ball of fats. In my defense though, I still run regularly, and I run the extra kilometre thinking about how you effortlessly run for endless hours and feel inspired. And now when I think about it, I only really started exercising this much and taking care of my health because of you. 

Second, these days when I come home I sit alone at the table we used to sit for hours catching up on each other’s day as if we haven’t met for years. I would sit there reading the papers, with my laptop and a cup of coffee, but these times without you before me to talk to. And I miss that, but thanks for still calling me to check in on me and my life despite being miles away, only you understand how much I need to get everything out of my system every single day and how I can talk endlessly about the thoughts I’ve had about my day. 

Third, when I go to bed at night I miss having the last words I say be “night sis”. Though the trade off is that now I can sleep in complete darkness instead of having study table lights keep me awake for an extra half an hour, but considering “night sis” used to mark the end of yet another chat about what were going to do the following day, I miss that. Thanks for always caring about what I was going to do with my next day.

Fourth, and I think the most important one, is getting the best advice from you. Because you knew me inside out it was always easy to call you in the middle of the day to tell you about even the smallest of things like something someone just said to me or something I just saw (even if the call lasted 30 seconds). You can remember all the things I tell you, from my friends’ names to that of the mean people in my life; and you can remember my favourite teachers, classmates, orientation groupmates, seniors, juniors or the things I have to do with the days of my week regularly. That kind of memory testament to how much you care for me is precious and the support it gives me is priceless.

So for these four things, it’s consoling to know that I have someone who does all these for me and is so consistently a part of my life that everything reminds me of you. Just 313 days more left, hope you had a good day and see you on FaceTime soon.




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