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It’s strange to think that these memories of the best days of my life were a year ago, and my friendships forged with these people has come into our fourth year counting.

This study break has begun with three extremely productive days of keeping up with revision, challenging myself as a learner and still committing to Youth Corps Singapore training and Project Work meetings. Here’s to more days like this for the rest of my week and a journey of resilience towards the Promotional Exams, yet another milestone in our journey as college students. As I sit back against my chair taking a break after another fruitful day, I remember something that was mentioned yesterday at YCS Training and browsing through these photos that Larrie finally decided to upload, here today, I’d like to talk about success and significance. 

So somewhere yesterday, someone mentioned that success and significance were two very different things. It’s like the way we’re studying so extremely hard now and the way the Straits Times for these couple of weeks have been reviewing our obsession over the “paper chase” (that is, the pursuit for portfolio and degrees and certificates) that could seem very well to be the road to success. But it definitely isn’t the one-way road to significance. 

I think, success is only a stepping stone to significance, but indeed it has it’s place and is very important. Where you’ve gotten the success that attests for your self-worth that you desire and have constantly worked towards, whatever your indicators may be, and that’s important. But the only time you really feel significant, I think, is when others are involved. 

There’s a saying that I have on one of the stickies I look at on my Macbook when I’m feeling discouraged and it goes, We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give and I guess that’s why our connections with people are so important, the way one man is no island. We need these human interactions and these fellow people around us to share feelings with us to feel real, and alive. Because there’s so much less value in a memory, a gift or a thought unless it’s shared. 

success to significanceSo I guess that’s why I invest so much in relationships and people; for a kind of significance that I don’t think the assessments that testify for my hard work and capabilities can give me. I’m not saying these aren’t important— I think I’m trying to say that they should be consciously weighed out when we make decisions, because it just could change the way we paint this picture out of our lives. And they really aren’t two choices on two extremes from which we can only choose one, I imagine it’s like a single highway with 4 lanes and you get to choose a mixture of two to different proportions as you signal to change lanes once in a while. 

As for me, I think for these weeks to come, I think I’d be taking a side track to focus on the lane to success. Good luck for promos, you’re not alone! 



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