The Communities I am Thankful For



As the last school day of Term 3 comes to an end, I like to spend time thinking about how I’ve spent the term and the kind of company that has helped me tide through this very difficult term for me. So allow me to tell you about the communities I have been privileged to find my place in as I do a mini check back at the end of this term. 

Starting with Raffles Runway, this group of passionate beautiful people are lovely inside and out. As the seniors paved the first half of our runway journey for us as we worked our guts out for our First Runway Show this term, it has marked the beginning to our term. We have had afternoons, evenings, almost nights; sitting in a circle in the runway room with big blank paper before us brainstorming, doing word association, drawing, discussing and doing the most productive idea generation I have done this entire year. With the witty sense of humour that I’m blessed to be entertained by with these people around, being in runway is a getaway from the hectic and usually serious curriculum time. So I am incredibly thankful to have landed in a CCA where I truly love what we do and have found people who feel the same. 


As for Raffles Interact, we are a big big family. It’s difficult to get to know every single person to a level beyond acquaintance all at once, but the platforms are many and the people are mostly the friendliest you can find in school. I don’t think I’ve met such a big group of like-minded peers and seniors before this and I feel truly blessed to have spent the first months of my JC school life in a family this compassionate and this willing to sacrifice time and energy to make someone else happy. Being an Interactor has also given me numerous opportunities to meet new people, to find new service opportunities and upon every club service, I feel an immense pride toward this family and what we do. This is exactly Why I Love Interact. And above all, I love that in this community, every individual comes together, combined, to create something bigger, better and more beautiful, that one could never create alone (which is well depicted in this photo).


And outside of school, I definitely owe an incredible amount of thanks to my teammates in Singapore Youth Corps whom I have met for at least 5 times within this term, on the first weekend of every month and in the nights of weekdays. We have all put in so much hard work in every meeting, made so many sacrifices to be there and yet displayed an exuberant energy in hopes to encourage one another. That inspires me constantly. Community service has been a big part of my life especially since secondary school, and there was often the uncertainty about how long this passion and drive will last because of the glass ceiling created by age or by future career that will minimise the time that I have to possibly voluntarily serve community. But this community has increasingly proven me wrong on this and I think I might just be serving voluntarily for a really long while from now. So I’m thankful, for the lessons we have learned together and for those they have taught me. 



Here is my unofficial support group from Halogen Foundation: I can’t remember when last year when their office became my third home after RGS and to today as I frequent the office for chats with my friends from there, it seems through the tide of time, little has changed. This group is special because each and every individual, so talented and incredibly creative, smart and capable work toward the simple but noble ambition of showing every youth that they have the potential to lead with their influence. I have so much admiration and respect for the people whom I’ve met through their occasional Halogen Hangouts and from my interaction with their staff. I am also incredibly thankful for their constant encouragement through sharing my story and finding me platforms for amplify my views. Do check out their latest blog platform for youth sharing-!

teachers4And with regard to the communities that I have ‘graduated’ from commitment from, I know the ones who have truly nurtured me and influenced the way my heart has grown over this year, will find me constantly coming back with a strong sense of nostalgia and love for the people who continue to be there. 

This last community I’d like to tell you about is the UPstars Community, where we come together weekly to tutor low-income children in the Buona Vista area. Each of us, privileged, want so much to give these children the learning experiences we once had and transfer to them as much knowledge as we possibly can in every week’s 2 hours session. Our sessions are 739-930PM and it surely isn’t an easy time to commit to weekly and also a difficult time to keep ourselves away and energised– but we do it regardless and I’ve seen this group of people weekly for a long while now. As I leave this community hoping to dedicate myself better to the other communities I’m presently within and fully immerse myself in them, I will have the spirit of perseverance and constantly trying to better myself as I have learned from this community, etched within me. And I am assured that if I find my way back into this community again to serve and discover more learning takeaways yet again, I will be welcomed in with open arms, a little like the alma maters I love dearly. 

To me, it is important to honour and be conscious of the communities that we choose to be a part of because they say just as much about the person we have become as they say something about the kind of life we are choosing to lead. And only when we are more conscious do we realise we have almost absolute control over which communities we find ourselves in and how we let them influence us. Thanks for being with me throughout this year and especially in this term! 



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