fully immerseThis is my sister and I stretching with a sculpture standing at one of the entrances of the International Art Fair by Art Stage Singapore at the beginning of this year. My favourite part of weekend getaways or reading on Sunday afternoons, doing handicraft in the middle of the week or walking along the streets of Chinatown on a spontaneous afternoon; is the light-hearted way I get to immerse. 

After an extremely rough period of farewells and bringing closure to numerous experiences and physical companies of some of the best people, this weekend I’ve spent it at home entirely, basking in learning and finding time to think about the experiences I’ve been blessed with this year and the people who’ve been by my side, proving the strength of the friendship we share for yet another year. And once in a while I like to do this (think about my experiences in the months before this) because every moment passes by quickly and if we don’t celebrate them once in a while or make them count, these precious moments go by without getting the enjoyment they deserve, and we tend to give ourselves less credit than we deserve for all these brave or silly things we’ve done. You know, sometimes in the midst of laughing at something I genuinely find funny with a bunch of people I’m so thankful for, I take on a new position in the moment to think to myself “Wow, I’m so lucky to be here and to have them” and it makes the happiness feel so much more real. 

I wouldn’t say that these 8 months of 2014 have been the kindest to me, but with the diversity of people and opportunities I’ve come to be blessed with and be able to immerse myself with or in, I can’t help but feel that I have grown that bit more thanks to all this. 

And at the end of the year, when I possibly come back to this post to celebrate these moments I wouldn’t want to forget, ever, I hope I’ll still remember, as vividly as possible

In chronlogical order: Volunteering for the arts scene yet again (with Art Stage Singapore), leading my first Art Gallery tour with the best company, having the luxury of starting an advocacy of my passion with the most driven people I’ve met besides the OM family, entering JC with an orientation group that has blessed me with some of the most memorable memories, standing on stage again thanks to Dramafeste 2014, growing from my commitment to weekly tutoring as a volunteer, the privilege of being in Runway and Interact, the numerous service opportunities, the first self-run fashion show, and of course the passionate people that came with the experience, having the opportunity to lead an initiative with a 50-member strong volunteer base and mentoring the most kid-like but lovable Community Problem Solving team, then the courage for shaving after years of consideration, entering volunteer youth corps and the opportunity to do oversease service learning with truly kind people in Cambodia. With all these moments, were constants. People who looked out for me without me realising, and people who loved me more than I ever gave them love. 

Today, reliving these moments in my head, I feel blessed. I feel fortunate for my constants- weekly gymming and running with my sister, my ever-supportive OM team that continues to be an emotional support, the classmates and orientation groupmates who’ve proven to be here for the long haul and the family that continues to love me despite my flaws and silly tantrums. 

Just as how we took every moment in the art gallery to immerse ourselves in every artpiece and the story that it told, I’d like for the rest of my year to also be taken slowing down and savouring the moments very consciously.



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