Why I Continue to Blog

magic microphoneThis morning I realise it is my 12th month blogging, that makes it almost a year since I’ve opened this WordPress account and constantly updated it with all the things I have to say and share. So I thought I’d take sometime to talk about why I continue to blog

The story starts in a period of my Year 4 life when teachers were asking us to write personal essays, my Odyssey of the Mind programme coaches sat us down for one-to-one reflections and career talks were streaming through the gates of our school. As we reflected and slowly brought closure to our journey in secondary school, we were driven to think also about what was next for us in the future, or who we’ve become over the course of these 4 years. That’s when I thought about what my RGS has taught me about being a kind, compassionate and loving leader, and about being myself. And being sensitive by nature, attempting to untie all these knots I had tied for myself was a painful process. So one reason why I blog is because I needed an emotional outlet for my feelings and thoughts to go, without subjecting anyone to the unnecessary obligation of listening to them. 

And peer pressure had a small part to play– ever since my Facebook album documenting my adventures and happenings (which was actually meant as a photo diary for myself) started to encourage many others to follow my footprints across Singapore, the encouragement from my friends and random strangers to start a blog to talk about these happenings and adventures has given birth to my WordPress. 

But finally, the most important reason why my WordPress continues to exist is because of the potential of the media. Fast backwards to last year, when an inspiring speaker took the stage at the SKM conference I attended, he shared that media is like a magic microphone, where whatever you say can be heard by many more multiplied than if you tried any other form of outreach. And this sort of reach was powerful, if we only shared the right and meaningful things. In addition, at the Singapore Writer’s Festival last year, the literary scene of SIngapore has been scrutinised and examined, the local and international writers ended the last year forums of the festival with suggestions on how the scene should continue to advance from hereon. And that reinforced my belief on the importance of expressing our views with mediums available. So I’ve come to act upon this belief, hat if there’s something you’d like for more people than yourself and your social circle to know, even if they don’t necessarily agree, here’s how you can use media to help you amplify your voice. 

To today, (I think) my reasons still stand and while I’ve opened debate and comments that came along with this medium of my sharing and self expression, I’m not here to convince anyone about anything but I’m glad these are signs of reflection and thought from my readers. And with every visit to my WordPress, it contributes to the numbers that continues to remind me that people are reading and they are listening, and thinking; that makes me rid of all the unnecessary barriers I build for myself about sharing my emotions and thoughts online and click ‘Publish’ anyway.  


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