The Little Sort of Kind

Here’s a video that truly resonated with me this morning, produced by a friend whom I’ve been fortunate to cross paths with about a year ago. She’s one of the people who constantly inspire me with her unlimited capacity to love and share, and this video truly reflects a very important thing that people like her and our friendship reminds me of— that every little thing counts. It sounds cliche and overused, but it’s exactly because we are too obsessed about tangible takeaways and big, significant, world changing impacts that we spend way too much time pursuing them and forgoing the little things that are equally, if not more, important along the way. These are the things that reflect our values and make us feel deeply.

Weeks since the term started have been a frenetic bustle and it’s been a series of ups and downs; but times like this week, I have been a recipient for these random acts of kindness, and it has brought my spirits up and encouraged me to get by this week more than these kind people around me can imagine. A simple chocolate bar, a small note, a pat on the back or just a hug, these small physical acts of kindness have given me strength over this past half a term. I think these are the people and the things I would remember best about my two years in college and be constantly thankful for these friends, who prove to be here for the long haul time and again. 

So thank you to the friends who constantly show me genuine love and care and thank you to Sabrina for this well-done video! 

On a side note, happy national day SIngapore!

happy national day


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