SMU Voix #DYAC2014

performing performer2


Here’s to the last time I performed (at Interact Installation with the IU team) and the last time I supported a performer (multi talented XueFang at SMU Voix Showcase). Tonight, one of the things I’d like to be talking about is performing. 

In what I’ve experienced as a performer, the key make-it-or-break-it factors usually lie on the performer’s soul. In every performer there is a mind that thinks and reacts and remembers lines, lyrics, beats, mistakes that were once made and strengths that should be maximised, there is a the face with which comes the facial expressions so powerful, the mouth and vocals that project from the diaphragm, the eyes that show feelings louder than any words and the nose that with every breath punctuates the performance, there is the body that moves in a manner that balances rehearsals of choreography with spontaneous going-with-the-flow. Tying all this together, the most powerful asset of a performer is his soul because it’s the emotions, thoughts and interpretations of his performance that translates into visuals that the audience enjoys. Every performance I put up, I challenge myself to bring my purpose or belief on stage across with energy and with every performance I watch, I have the utmost respect for the way these powerful ideas and forms of art are allowed to shine through every performer. 

And at this point I bring up the last performance I’ve watched- SMU Voix’s “Do You A Cappella” which was more than astounding. Seated on the circle seats on the second floor, I had a bird’s eye view of the entire performance and the optimal resonance of the performers before me. The experience was captivating, and nothing short of mind-blowing and powerful. On stage there wasn’t a single performance whose voice didn’t encapsulate the emotions of every lyric and no performer’s movements lack synchrony with the beats of the music. I enjoyed every moment. Captivated mostly by the harmony and interesting tweaks made to the songs I thought I knew at the back of my hands, the best part would have to be the look on the faces of every performer- one of sheer happiness from being on stage doing exactly what they love. 

With that I look forward to more performances in the form of gigs, dance, orchestra or theatre that would blow me away once more and leave me giving a standing ovation screaming ‘Encore!’ in my mind for the next couple of days like the last one did. 


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