Blessings on the Streets

kindnessisdeadThis morning the house is a little darker because it’s still drizzling outside, but on this fateful Sunday morning, the entire family is home, at least for that bit and I really appreciate that. Yesterday I was out on the streets at a kindness movement by my buddy ash, who has inspired myself and many others yet once again with this movement— Blessings on the Streets. 

Beginning the morning with ice breakers and mass games, the bonding was followed by a discussion round where we broke up into teams and thought of the exciting things we were going to do together that afternoon. Guidelines included ‘Think about the one who’s often overlooked in society.’ and ‘Think of who may need a listening ear.’ You know, we all know that these people exist, the ones whose days could easily be made better with a small act from a stranger and those whom we pass by every single day without a simple ‘thank you’. But we often choose what seems to be the easier option- to let that moment slide. 

After the meal of pizza and good food, we were officially transformed into #WorldChangeAgents ready to go out on the streets in our teams and strike conversations and make smiles! My team began with a trip to Cold Storage to stock up on packet drinks and sweets that didn’t cost us any more than $2 each. The fun began when we had separated and made conversations with people waiting at the bus stop till their buses came, and together we boarded the next crowded bus to give out sweets on them within one stop! We did other crazy things within the two hours– from clearing trays at the food courts, giving out drinks to security guards and cleaners, talking to people who were sitting alone at food courts and creating hi-5 chains in the middle of the road. The number of frowns we turned upside down were infinite, I lost count. 

I think this reminded me that kindness doesn’t take a second, it doesn’t take money nor skills nor talents. It just takes the heart– if we had the heart to make someone else’s day just that bit better by smiling at them or complimenting them and meaning it, or being a bit kinder than necessary to show the person you care and respect them; that’s all it takes. And it’s effortless. 

The picture above was taken with another group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic students who were doing their Final Year Project called ‘Revive Kindness’, on the streets to raise awareness on the Seed Kindness Fund by SKM, promoting kindness as a lifestyle at the same time. The coincidence of two kindness movements on the same streets on the same weekend, was more than encouraging; showing that we do care. We do care, but there’s a veil. 

The veil that stops us, it’s the fear of rejection. But really, getting rejected is less scary than we let our imagination convince ourselves it could be. And the day we all stop trying because we fear rejection, is the day we will really reach an epitome of unkindness and then kindness would possible really, be dead. 



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