Rethinking Generalisations

Tonight I watched this video about Rethinking Homelessness and it sort of reflects the way we generalise people’s identity because we are so afraid of vulnerability in relationships. We like to create impressions and understandings of people through vague, vague generalisations; even before we invest a substantial amount of time with them, because it’s easier. There’s less mystery and there’s less to be insecure about, you don’t have to be unsure about the person you’re talking to or how the person is taking in what you tell him/her because you think you know. Or at least, most of the time, we hope to. 

At this point, allow me to talk about some people I’ve wanted to share about for a while already. I’ve recently gotten to know a very special group of people that I hope I can call family the way I’ve found OM, Halogen and my orientation group a kind of family that provides support and develops understanding constantly. And they’ve reminded me to listen with my heart, without making assumptions, to get the more complete picture of a person.  

youthcorps We are the Washington Team of the Volunteer Youth Corps! We have a good range of kids to adults, the youngest and oldest are 11 years apart, we’ve got an outnumbered ratio of males to females. But that’s not what makes me love their company so much, what I really appreciate is the way we looked out for each other unconditionally and constantly, the selflessness in the servant leadership that was observed even in the more tiring times trekking at OBS for example; and the most beautiful part, to me, is that all of us put on the brightest smile with the thought of challenging ourselves and doing things better for others. 

The connection that I feel I share with this group is a kind that is in our hearts. It’s a feeling that we get, that can’t quite be described, but it can be felt. It’s felt when you see the way our eyes light up or when we experience conversations where listening with the heart is almost fully mastered. 

We spent the second weekend of July training together on two full days at SCAPE, and it was tiring, a complete brain drain at the end. But this is only the start to the numerous more trainings we will be put through and the test of time that will continue to challenge us. Thanks to them, I look forward to what’s to come. 



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