The Calling

the callingThis evening was spent with Sarah, my senior from 2 years ago when we started our friendship as part of this very lovely family that looked out for each other in our arduous journey towards OM Nationals and later World finals in 2012. Those were the glorious years.

And today we talked about the calling, you know the thing we’ve supposed to get by the time we are in JC that helps us decide which career talks to attend and which scholarships to apply for. It supposedly comes from the heart and it tells you, you know, it informs you of the best decision to make about the rest of your life. The calling is the one, if you’re religious, sent from a superior being, telling you your purpose and why you were even sent down to the surface of this Earth.

Oh how I wish it was a simple as it sounds, you know, for this calling to be something you just know and feel.

But clearly, it isn’t— it’s a mysterious thing. Different people probably experience it differently, we all adopt different perspectives towards how we should serve the society in this world and we all decide differently the career path we would like to walk towards whatever end goal or process we see ourselves leading in the course of our lives. The calling is intangible and it’s found in a long process, but no one really knows when that process starts or ends and how accurate this calling is. The thing is, when people refer to the calling like that, it makes you look out for it and it makes you question your heart’s desires or whatever you perceive this calling to be. But when we expect this calling, our search for it takes a turn to be forced, and unnatural. When the scholarship talks and the applications arrive, we would probably be scrambling to find that calling and even now, when the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ question pops up once in a while, it gets us accelerating our search and worrying about the lack of this calling.

So here’s how I see it— I’m pretty sure, we weren’t supposed to make a decision that lays everything in our lives out perfectly as a bed of roses and make the right choices in one try. I’m not saying don’t take this seriously, but I think it’d be a good thing to remind ourselves we’re all a process. Our life’s a process. This calling really depends on what a job and career means to you- is it a money-making journey to help you have enough cash to carry out the grand plan of your life? Or maybe it’s the support to the lifeline of a family you really want to start. And I suppose then you can consider the things you’ve enjoyed doing (you know, the heart side of things like what you love doing and what makes you excited- something you can imagine yourself doing for say, a couple more than 4 years more) And finally,  I’d say everyone was sent to the surface of this earth to be special. So I really think we can stop pretending to be something else we’re not just to fit in and be the same and fit into societal norm, whatever that is. Because if you’ve something different to offer to the people around you, you’ve got to do it, if not no one else will. And that’s more likely to be aligned with whatever your special calling may be.

And for now, while you wait for that call to come in whatever form it may take, just be yourself and live life consciously. That may help.

the calling2

On a side note, be at the MP3 experiment tomorrow!! Here are some thoughts I had upon going last year.


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