julyWe’re two weeks into July and compared to June, pace has really been picking up— CT week was catching up with the communities that I find myself attached with from home to Halogen to RGS and a couple of RI friends. And now that school has started for real, my days on average now goes a little like wake up at 6AM, get dropped off at school by 635AM, have a good chat with my senior every morning and then with the orientation group before assembly, and lessons lessons lessons, end school at 315PM everyday and what happens after that varies from Runway to Interact to volunteering elsewhere to being with seniors and peers. 

Tonight sitting here, it’s a pleasure to finally get to breathe

And with all these things going on one after another, it’s challenging to have to constantly consciously remind myself that I’ve got to slow down and savour these moments. You know, in no time at all, weeks would roll by us and we’d be racing against time to revise for promos and maybe fast forward that bit more, scrambling for time to be ‘ready’ for A levels and struggling to find means to have enough time with our peers before we graduate and part to our separate ways. It could be difficult to imagine, just because we seem to have a good amount of time away from these things for now but maybe if we had a little more foresight like this, we’d save ourselves all the scrambling later and one and a half years later instead of shucks we barely had enough time to understand this topic or I really wish we could spend more time getting to know each other better, it would be quite the opposite, expressing appreciation for the time we did (do) have. 

Today I recall the conversations I’ve had in this short span of 2 weeks, both virtual and in real life; the amount of insights and perspectives I’ve gained from very different people. And I also remember the company I’m so extremely lucky to have, supporting me completely in whatever I go through. This term could just be good. 




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