The Complex Life

This weekend has been a blast! Not in a hectic or crazy party way, but in a very surreal and peaceful way and while I’m now all ready to get back to school and get this semester 2 done with, I can foresee the challenges– the grades that will make me die a little inside, the late evenings spent in school and the nights up finishing my tutorials.

Days ago, I listened to a speaker who used to stay in one of the Kampungs that lay on the ground that the RI campus todays lays on talk about his life in his time. There was only coloured TVs when he was in this mid-twenties and life in school was well, …old school. The most interesting, to me, was listening to the kind of culture that he lived with in his kampung also, the open air theatres, the silly games played on the grass patches. Going to the museums this weekend reminded me of what used to be, especially thanks to the Masak Masak exhibit ongoing in the National Museum of Singapore. All these used-to-be experiences sound simple, light-hearted and sometimes I wonder what’s the good in complex lives like ours when we can’t feel the happiness as deeply as the people in the past had known how to.

After the speaker went on about the culture he lived with and the things he did as a kid, he was laughing so heartily from just reminiscing and thinking about those times. “We had such a great time!” he said, over and over and over again.

And I think as tough as this semester may get in our very sophisticated and complex jumble of our lives, I’d like to live it in a way such that years down the road, when I’m old as the speaker, I’d be able to laugh about these times as if saying it was tough and there were tears and sweat and hardwork but “we had such a great time!”

Enjoy T3W2! On a side note, this week and next will be my intense collection of Hair for Hope Donations that go to Children’s Cancer Foundation, really hope that people will donate generously to support the cause and my statement (or anyone’s for that matter), and really hope people will sit me down and talk about my motivations with me. Also, we talk about how shaving is so impractical, how does it even help? So here’s the practical aspect of donating for you, find me anytime and read about my motivations here.


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