Soft Spot for the Arts

day at the museum2

I have a soft spot for the arts and handmade goods.

When I see an art piece– a painting, a photograph, an exhibit, I don’t just see a final product put together with paper and pencil, canvas and paint or a sculpture of a shape with a name to it. I see emotion, and heartwork, hardwork, sweat, maybe tears, maybe blood, but definitely emotion and thought. I never understood visual arts the way I understood performing arts; maybe because I took piano lessons, and watched numerous concerts, that helps me feel performers’ performances better. But it’s been my second year trying to understand and appreciate the visual arts, and it’s progressing. Today I went about my day museum hopping like I did in the last holidays before June and I am reminded of why I was so in love with the museums once again.

Behind every handmade piece of clothing, a pouch, a notebook or a pencil case; there’s a story. There’s a story about how the artist had an idea, a craftsmen had a dream, of realising the design and that idea in one’s head into something functional, or into something real and tangible that could be shown to others and the beauty of that idea, be shared with its audience. I feel that the thing that really gives art it’s value is its audience, it’s the fact that people can look at it, and enjoy it. The beauty of it is that it’s so subjective that every person can have a different interpretation or emotion just looking at that same tangible version of the artist’s idea. And I find that completely magical.

day at the museum

National Museum of Singapore is currently having two ongoing exhibits that last till July, WE: Defining Stories and Genesis, (and they are both free admission yay!) as well as a Japanese Film Festival all happening at the same time! Just going to its entrance and checking out it’s first floor will pleasantly surprise you with the ongoing Masak Masak exhibition. It’s really a start if you’re looking for a good place to be by yourself or with a friend just to escape for a bit and let the artists take you on a ride on their train of thoughts (and feelings). It’s an exercise for the heart, let’s go!


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