Handmades For You


If you’re one for handmade things as well, then this post is for you!

At unique flea markets or sales, I like to keep the namecards of the special ones, the ones that really got to me through their products that displayed experimentation, creativity and most important of all, workmanship. I can’t quite put into words all the priceless ideas and trial and errors that could possibly go into a single product but the one thing I never bargain for is handmade products because I don’t even think these intangible things put into the product can be bought with money and I pay that extra bucks they ask for in acknowledgement, it’s like saying ‘hey, I can only imagine how difficult this was to make, the seams, the hemming and goodness the cloth, is beautiful, great choice of colour and patterns and this is the least I could give you in acknowledgement of all that. Thank you, I love it.’ 

So hopefully on this note, the next time we walk away from a handmade product because of its two-digit price thinking about how we can get an item with the same function at a single-digit price, we could think about what we’re really paying for and what we’re encouraging, would be the pursuit of an interest that colours the life of the other. Here goes the amazing craftsmen I’ve met today:

1 Needle Loves Thread

See more: needlelovesthread.blogspot.com

Specialises in: Toys Accessories Bags Purses

2 Every Little Things

See more: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ELTshop

Specialises in: Pouches Notebooks

3 The Weave Co

See more: http://theweaveco.com/

Specialises in: Cards Notebooks

Enjoy surfing and I hope you see the beauty in their work as I do!


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