Good for the Heart

do this everyday

When the school semester is ongoing, and we slowly go on a downward spiral towards a mix of feeling jaded and exhausted; the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is usually the upcoming holidays, or in the nearer future, it would constantly be the upcoming weekends. But time and again, we return from the holidays or the weekends saying ‘what holidays?’ suggesting that it was barely a break or it wasn’t enough, as if circumstance constantly forces us to ‘waste’ the holidays on more studying and more work, and there just wasn’t enough time to do all the things you would’ve wanted to do.

Sometimes I imagine, if school was 4 days a week and we had a 3-day weekend– with that ‘extra’ free time and the space for more leisure and recreation to be done, more time to do all the things you would’ve wanted to do. How would we possibly be spending our days differently? In the CT-week for example, with everyone burying our heads in revision and studying, we looked forward to this magical and supposedly amazing break of a post-CT weekend. But take a pause. We are getting a 3-day weekend this time- and if we look at what we’ve done with the weekend or how we intend to continue spending it, are we doing justice to the time that we wanted so much during the exhausting CT-week?

It’s a strange thing that we do. We hope and wish and wait and yearn for that magical moment of a relatively freer time, but when it actually comes, we barely savour and enjoy the little seconds that make up this break. Parkinson’s Law states that the more time you have to do something, the more time you’ll take to do it. And sometimes with the ‘more time’ that we have we forget to make the moments count in the little ways that they can, or we get distracted by keeping to packed schedules or meet ups and catch ups, or we laze around because we think we’ll have more time to do the other things that matter to you anyway. It’s an easy trap to fall into when you believe you have extra time.

Yesterday morning, I spent a good 15 minutes after a 6km run, just sitting on the bark of a tree by the seaside watching the beautiful scenery that no picture will do justice and with the breeze that brought a certain warmth with its coolness. It isn’t something spectacular to be doing or something Instagram-worthy or tremendously magical; but it was special because it was one of the things that I would’ve wanted to do when it wasn’t a school day, and I enjoyed every moment of it. So I’m not saying that we do big and ‘great’ things or as many things as possible, unless that’s what gives you the satisfaction and heart’s break that you deserve; I’m just saying that it takes time off the routine of waking up early and going to school and attending lessons and studying to find time to recharge not just your mind, but your heart. And consciously living out these three days will be good for your heart and the term to come.


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