The Very Good People


One of the most fortunate experiences I have been blessed with in the holiday that just passed, was definitely the Cambodia International Understanding trip; and I’m going to go on about it for a while because instances from the trip periodically come back to mind and remind me of the lessons learned, the friendships forged and these memories are definitely things I’d like to share. 

But before I publish more posts about the lessons the trip and the encounters taught me, today I talk about the company of the very good people that I had gone with on the trip, that I miss very dearly now. 


In the time that we were on the service trip together, we had hour-long reflections every night giving emotions space for ventilation and thoughts or opinions a platform for exchange. I enjoyed those reflections because every sharing was inspiring in its own way and the generosity in openly sharing the personal lessons learnt or personal development made so that everyone could learn from them was also something I respected these teammates for. 

As we stood on stage rehearsing countless of times together while we were at the orphanage, (those were the only few times the entire team of us were really altogether at once single place), the way the weary and sweaty bodies of us supported one another up and motivated each other to practise with the purpose (to put up a splendid performance for the children we were increasingly fond of) in mind is also something I never want to forget. It was as if we were a team that needed no icebreaking games or team dynamic training, one that read each other’s minds and looked out for one another without prompting; and every moment being on this team, I was a proud and thankful member. 

I’m not good at making friends in groups, I think. But on this team, I felt like everyone, regardless of character and interests and personality, was given space, and celebrated. I can’t really describe it well, but you could try imagining, in the most disheartening or tiresome of times, there is this invisible magical energy that drives us as a team. And when you trace is back to its origins, it’s taking turns to come from different members on the team, each offering in different ways– encouraging words, pats on the back or silent smiles. 

For that, I was thankful, and countless times, as I observed all this- I felt blessed.


One of the prominent things that the team taught me, is that there’s no such thing as a bad idea as long as everyone does it together. We put up a last minute item, hoping to better engage the children at the orphanage and contrary to the usual disheartened, discouraged reaction to a last minute plan that everyone is unfamiliar with; this team faced it with courage and support. In some ways, I felt like it was trust in those who were confident about the idea that encouraged those who were unsure at first. That was heartening too. 

And as we performed on the final day altogether, I was overwhelmed to happiness and fortune to be on stage with a bunch so enthusiastic and who believed so much in what they did all the time. 

Today as I was going about my day and having a relaxed train ride, I was reminiscing on this trip and I thought I should write about it- about this extraordinary team I got to be a part of. 



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