Happy 17th, Rachel Koh!


Today is Rachel Koh’s birthday and here’s us from three days ago on mine, celebrating with the team. Tonight with this post I’d like to reminisce all that we’ve been through and thank her for a couple of things so enjoy the photos and the paragraphs, all in reverse-chronological order. Koh is the most special Rachel that I know because of this friendship that we share and as I look back at my turbulent four years in RGS, she has been my only constant in the four years. For that, I am extremely grateful. And even as I look at the past half a year since we’ve stepped into RI, this scary unfamiliar, (ok not scary, just unfamiliar) new environment, we’ve continued to support one another in our endeavours and occasionally met up to catch up since I barely see the HP kids around school ever.


Here’s us at ED’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession this year! 


Here’s us at the Runway show together! 


This is us at BW Dramafeste, possibly performing on stage together for the last time! (Or hopefully not)


Here’s us at orientation doing forfeits!


When it comes to talking about the proudest things I’ve done in RGS and the most embarrassing, most tedious, most tiring, most exhilarating, exhausting, saddening, depressing, happy things— they mostly come from OM and Koh has seen me through most, if not all of them. One of which I’m most thankful for, is leading this beautiful team with me in our last year of OM. Never have a led a bunch like this that I could connect with so well and be proud of while being confident that we could always count on each other. 

And through the process, I was only reminded of all the reasons I loved koh— she’s one of the only few people I can ever imagine being such close friends and working with all at the same time, she’s the best team player and team leader. For years I’ve had to convince others around her (juniors especially), that she isn’t as scary as her vibe because she has a swag aura that makes everyone fangirl her; but really deep inside she has the same capacity to love that she claims I have. And she gets only the respect she deserves because of her strength, charisma, capabilities and talent. 

Following this are times we’ve supported one another within the team and been there. I’m glad it’s still part of the practice now. 


This time last year, we were partying ourselves off in koh’s apartment and having the time of our lives. This year, CTs have messed with that, but I’m having a little celebration for you in my heart and I’d like to take this time to thank you for growing up in the most radical 4 years of my life with me, constantly loving me all over again while I change and for seeing me through the hardest of times. I’m glad we are able to stay close without meeting each other all the time and we can enjoy silences together and be there for each other without having to ask one another. 

I think this is hard to come by, so we’ll definitely celebrate after CTs. Till then, just do what you do. I love you! 



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