May Our Hearts be Full

This has been my jam for a while, looks like I’m turning back to cheap pop for a while, but do enjoy. This song and catching The Fault In Our Stars today made me think about how we all want to be remembered in one way or another after we leave the Earth. We hope to leave a significant enough impact that will last for a time longer than ourselves, and hope to passionately and intensely feel before we can’t anymore.

We say these things often and we think about it occasionally- about our place here and what we are here to be doing and how to most ‘purposefully’ and ‘meaningfully’ lead this one life of ours. But I’m not sure how many of us act on this desire.

Maybe with this in mind, Term 3 could be the start of a new attitude that treats the pursuit of grades and academics as just one aspect of our hope to provide more opportunities for ourselves, to be where we want to be in years down the road. But it’s only one aspect, and let’s make the rest count as well, from friendships to family to interests and hobbies, to try to be spontaneous and learn new things, to be purpose-driven in even the little things and maybe.

Maybe something else that could possibly define our journeys as students and learners will come out of it, besides the grade.


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