My Take on the CTs

ImageThis week, I’m slowly adjusting back to school life– catching up with those close to heart in this frenzy of a school while comfortably studying in the favourite places in the campus. One part of me thinks this week and the next could just be OK. 

I firmly believe that tests and exams are simply a tool for assessment of how much you know, and how much you don’t know. And where results are concerned, we are constantly a process (since we never stop learning and improving). We get the results that we deserve based on hardwork, circumstance and talent. 

In light of the upcoming common tests next week, walking into the school campus would bring you sights of countless of your peers and seniors studying from day to night, night to day. Doing undone tutorials, completing lectures you’ve missed, rereading notes that have been uploaded online and the list goes on. Most of the time, the hardwork that I witness, I truly respect and I admire each and every purpose-driven and motivated Rafflesian that have constantly encouraged me to continue keeping up my revision. 

But on the other hand, there are people who studied all holiday but towards the end they claim to have not studied ‘enough’ or promised themselves to revise and catch up this holiday but ended up spending the holidays on addictions long desired, then feeling guilty afterwards. For the former, I think we have to learn to give ourselves credit for the effort put in and the time spent. The thing is, it is important to understand the rationale behind academic assessments: it’s difficult, but reminding ourselves that this isn’t an assessment of us as a person nor as a learner, but only as a someone trying to grasp concepts and skills related to one discipline could help take away the distress that the tests can cause us. For the latter, maybe it’s about control and planning ahead. Too often, we see the revision for tests as something daunting, or a burden, but in many ways, it’s just part of the process of being a learner and nothing more. It doesn’t define us as a learner (what defines that is our attitudes, consistent hard work or values displayed in the process of learning). But it’s just part of this education journey we all have to tide through. 

Lastly, maybe remembering that many have trodded before us to accomplish this unknown called “Common Tests” and emerged survivors and accomplished today would show us how possible it actually is to do OK, or at least to be OK no matter how you do; so we will all learn to take this as a milestone check in our academic JC and nothing to tie our self esteem and excess pressure to. 

Good luck!


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