The Influence of a Superstar

This morning as I sip from my warm cup of coffee and browse through the news and pages I follow on the web, I chance upon this video and I’ve decided that I truly respect Angelina Jolie.

Once in a while I think to myself about the career I would wish to pursue in the future and what kind of life I want to lead, what kind of impact I want to make. Then, I often also think about the position in the society that would allow me to create this positive change I want to leave behind in this world as my legacy. Back in Cambodia, in the midst of feeling terribly helpless at the sight of families living in the undesirable dumpsite and feeling the wrath of the disparity they experience right to my very bones, I also recall the day these politicians came by to visit the kids at the orphanage. The politicians were very friendly and amiable, two of whom were celebrities, even. And the sight of these politician cum superstars immediately brought all the kids to a level of ecstasy that cannot be rationalised. It was effortless. The superstars were basically being there, and merely existing in their presence brought such overwhelming happiness to the kids.

Connecting the dots, it once crossed my mind that the profession that could allow one to most effortlessly evoke positive change and have the greatest power of influence today, could just be being a superstar.

Celebrities today are highly regarded with their position of influence, considering the 21st century sees technology surge to a new popularity, what a celebrity says, does or advocates easily influences all their fans across the globe. Yet there are disappointing (hopefully anomalys) like Justin Bieber or Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus those who grew up with us and actually had that much power of influence over us but messed it all up by being terrible role models. I was disappointed by the abuse of influence for a bit. But now I realise that, on the flipside, there are also those who actively makes good use of their influence to bring the human race of our time towards a direction like never before– Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey and now, Angelina Jolie.

With the power of influence that they possess, these celebrities have constantly advocated and passed off as good examples of what the human race should be about- hope, love and kindness. And they talk about issues that we were never ready to discuss before and evoke thoughts and inspire us. I wish all celebrities used their influence in this way.


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