Now I’m Ready

Looking back at the first half of my year, I have so much to be thankful for:



The opportunity to find myself back in front of a classroom, this time executing an initiative I had a big part to play in.


The chance to act on my continued support towards the arts scene with a godsister I’m so thankful to have (here’s us at Shakespeare in the Park!)


The platform to serve


Another family I can go back to frequently and call home


The opportunity to find myself back on stage


To be blessed with old friendships that continue to last


To have a team that continues to support one another in whatever way we can


And a fan closest to heart that I continue to be thankful for every single day


And then there’s the people whose friendships with me are just getting started.

I like to look back once in a while to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve done with the time that has passed. It’s difficult to realise that when we keep looking forward. Contrary to popular belief, it’s just as important to turn back once in a while and enjoy the picture you’ve painted with your brush of time. After all, every part of it would later contribute to that one big masterpiece you’ve been working on all your life. You’ve to make sure the pictures add up and you don’t paint the same things twice. 

Thanks for joining me in my milestone check, now I’m ready for the real holidays to begin! Have a good one too!




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