May 2014

 This is my favourite photo taken this May because it has all the people I love in it and I am so thankful that they love me back just as much, if not more. Today, I’m lying on my sofa at home for the longest time ever watching movies, eating home-cooked food and finding time for myself. It’s been a while. And I find myself here, reminding myself I’m not any more different from a normal human being who needs love, support and rest; instead of dragging myself around at CCAL camp as if it would prove anything more than my stupidity.


Looking back at May, it’s been a hell of a month- 2 Interact Events back to back (Dine in the Dark and Youth Got Heart) followed by Runway’s Show of the Year and finally rounding off one of the Room to Read Initiatives that dates back from a really long time. All these things have come together to make May the best month I’ve had yet and all these opportunities that JC has given me are only getting better with time. Alongside these numerous people who have proven to stand by me whenever I needed, I’m thankful to have friends like them, each, one in a million in their own ways.

Thanks to them, I learn to love myself more.



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