Why you should go for Runway’s Show


The amount $14, $16 and worse still $18 sounds like a terrible waste of money– why should so much of your money be invested in Raffles Runway and exchanged for a flimsy ticket that gains you entry to the Multi-Purpose Hall we have our weekly assemblies in? 

I will tonight attempt to explain to you that this is different, and it is worth it.

Raffles Runway is a club filled with passionate and dedicated members– those with friends from the club would know. The designers have worked long and hard, through pain, sweat, tears and some blood to put together these pieces we proudly call ours. We are brought together because we love designing and we love creating, however terrifyingly arduous this process can be. But we work on our outfits, day and night and afternoon. Mind you, the time we spend is comparable to the time one takes to practise an instrument, to master a piece lyrically, or to rehearse and memorise lines. The same way performing arts CCAs put together their concerts, we’ve carefully crafted and put together every detail. So the way I see it, the show is a celebration of our hardwork and it’s the sharing of our joy with the school community whom we hope would feel the same excitement we do when we finally see our work on the runway, and would align their heartbeats to the footsteps of the models who help us make this sharing possible. 

Besides the designers, the models have put in hours of commitment and practised emotions and expressions, their walk, the face, where they put their arms and how they look at the camera. Modelling has more skill and emotions evolved than we do justice to it as we paraphrase modelling so casually with ‘looking good’ or ‘just walking’. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had photoshoots after school, over weekends, pulling all-days’ hard work in both rain and shine. To these models, I had the utmost respect and gratitude because without them, our outfits may never find their way to the runway, to be shown. And so this show, is also a celebration of the models. 

Proceeds from the show go to Mother and Child Project (http://www.motherandchildproject.com/about-motherandchild) supporting single moms who sew for a living. And we support them, clearly, because we love sewing and it’s such an essential part of the CCA. We want to support others in doing what we love to do. And this show’s financial proceeds, is a celebration of the art of sewing. 

The location being in the MPH is in no way a downgrade nor a compromise in the quality of our show. We invest more of our expenditure on the decoration of the set up and the hall so that we have more room for imagination and creation– the decoration efforts have all been motivated by the hopes to immerse our audience in a feel like never before to watch a fashion show of the best quality that we can deliver. So I hope that less people would be deterred by this misconception. 

I think the celebration of such beautiful things and efforts and the encouragement of passion and so much love for something, is worth more than $14-$18 but that’s all we’re asking in support of Raffles Runway’s annual charity fashion show. It’s 17/05 This Saturday 2PM/7PM, it’s not too late to get your tickets at the canteen walkway or through any friendly runway member! Thanks for all those who have supported!


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