Happy Mother’s Day

This weekend has been exceptional- Saturday was my dad’s birthday and today, mother’s day. Days like these I tend to think about the significance of the person and our relationship in my life, and I can’t help but feel so overwhelmed and I often think to myself “I should thank them for who they are every single day

I can’t begin to describe how difficult it is to be a parent- I mean, can you imagine? First you create a newborn who cries all day and the inability to communicate with them leaves you with no choice but to clean up after them and console them with whatever way you can. And just as you think this will all begin to change, as they grow older; you realise that maturity doesn’t have a definite correlation with age and their ability to communicate their ideas may not reduce your burden as much as you thought it would. More often than not, this young child who actually learned everything they know today from you, decides that he/she is cleverer, more informed and more ready for the world and society, than you think they are. Imagine how afraid our parents feel looking at us think this way.

My parents take care of my siblings and I with the most tender, most selfless and unconditional care that I can never thank them enough for. I tend to forget that while I have my life and my set of problems or my worries, they have theirs too and all of which revolve around taking care of me and seeing me happy. I don’t consciously remember that while I’m pursuing the opportunities I think I deserve and being the person I am proudly, they are the ones paving the way to make everything happen and they have been the forgiving teachers who patiently instill each and every value that guide me today. I should remind myself more often.


They say that parents necessarily hurt you with their expectations, because as parents want ‘the best’ of their children, ‘the best’ are often all the things they wish they could’ve done in their childhood but never did, or all the things they regret but never could do differently. So sometimes I imagine, while ‘wanting the best for me’ has left infinite hopes and dreams for me in their hearts, they still hold everything back and ‘do what you love’ is the most frequent advice they give me; I can hardly describe how difficult it is for them to say that instead of ‘do this, trust me, I know what’s best for you’.

And I really appreciate it.

We are too caught up in our own point of views we forget what our parents are going through everyday. We think we’re the only ones who’re tired when we decide not to help out with housework and we think we’re the only ones going through this thing called ‘stress’ when we contribute to theirs and while we allow time to speed past us, we forget they’re growing old. And every day we spend with them around but not consciously connecting with and appreciating them, is one day less.


Hi I’m Shermaine, I love to sing, paint and dance (though not too well) and I can stare at art pieces and think for long periods of time. I believe in doing what you love and caring for the people around you. And I’m all this today because my parents taught me well and I work hard because I want to show them what great parents they are. 

Happy Mother’s Day is a greeting that holds more value and reminder than a cake and a card or a handmade breakfast. 1 out of 365 days they love us is not enough to thank them. 


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