Why I love Interact


The recent weekends have been packed with day-long Interact events and while sharing with you what these experiences have taught me, I could say a little about what I love about Raffles Interact.

A big part of why I wanted to be a part of this club was the many club events that Interact organises together with Singapore Rotary Club. And in a short span of 3-4 months in this CCA, my batch has had the luxury of being heavily involved in 3 big events- Stop Hunger Now, Youth Got Heart 2014 and Dine in the Dark 2014. Every experience putting together each event as a club has been exhilarating and I’ve seen the energy and passion driving each and every member in whatever we do. To me, that’s inspiring.

Stop Hunger Now was a day-long packing of food for the organisation that’d distribute the food to different locations where poverty prevails. The short 2 hour shift I was present for saw the strength of 100+ Interactors from many different schools come together to pack over 8,000 meals in the short span of time.

Youth Got Heart was a day-long fair where VWOs congregated in our Indoor Sports Hall to share numerous volunteer opportunities and inspire those in search of service centres to gain meaningful experiences from. And every Interactor, being attached to a VWO to help out, had to do visits and research to best assist and understand the organisation’s values and opportunities.

Dine in the Dark 2014 was an experience put together by the club for others to put themselves in the shoes of the blind- to think, feel, smell and hear just like the blind for that 2.5 hours of experience doing a simple daily routine- having a meal. Training long and hard over evenings to be able to waitress and serve in the dark and doing whatever it took to darken the location together as a club was yet a display of belief in what we do.

Every experience humbles me because I have to whole-heartedly think for people and issues larger than myself, and it requires sacrifice- spending time doing something that benefits someone else. This post is dedicated to this experience and the club because I just wanted to talk about how lucky I feel for the platform that this club has given me to be with such like-minded and passionate people, and to serve with them.

On a side note, service learning opportunities are everywhere if you look hard enough and here’s some if you’re looking for meaningful learning experiences-

1 Pass It On

En Community- Student Leaders Development Programme, where volunteers will mentor Sec 1 students in their studies especially Math and English. Volunteers will design their own workshop which would be executed during a camp in June.

Commitment: 9AM 5th June – 12PM 6th June

Location: Bedok South Secondary School

Sign up at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iKUC7ty5iIpa1iOzXb7mdSSurY6tNzIas432gD0K1Js/viewform

2 Grace Haven Tuition Project

By an RI Student Group that have been going down regularly to give tuition to the students at Grace Haven. Highest level of students there are working on O level content, so it is preferrable for people familiar with secondary 4 syllabus to come help out!

Commitment- 7-8PM on a preferred weekday

Find out more at: http://gracehaven.me/

Sign up at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1m_9os-QNwZ6MZzArHhQYt6s-n69OnN3AJOip6aTWiFQ/viewform

Find more at: https://www.facebook.com/youthgotheart14 OR Subscribe to VolunteerNow newsletter (tinyurl.com/volunteernow123)



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