We Were Special

We tend to think we are so different from everyone else. And sometimes I feel like we were- years ago, the people in my batch, across the cohort, across the world, despite being born in the same year, we had very different personalities, we spoke so differently and thought so differently, we wore different clothes and liked different colours.

But fast forward to today, we’re not so special anymore. I study in a school same as a thousand over other batchmates, we go through the same curriculum and we learn about the same things. If I get a certain grade in a test, I could bet at least a hundred others did too. Nothing’s left to help us decide if we’re special (it seems).

In the future, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re going to find something that makes us special either. You see, we will just graduate to be one of the many million students who graduate with certificates, we will be one of the many million who pass with straight As or a single B or a couple of Cs and cry or regret. Today, if you know 3 languages, you’re alright; if you know 4, you’re kind of special but remember, you’re not the only one. We’re all aiming for that one ‘best’, but we don’t realise that the chances of ‘best’ is way too small it’s almost impossible and there’s no real way of deciding you’re the ‘best’ without a tad of delusion.

It is certainly a case of nature vs. nurture, society happened and it makes us find ‘our place’ in society in that certain way that allows our economy to prosper, and nation to grow. Unfortunately we leave behind a couple of talents left undeveloped because ‘if it can’t definitely make you money, it definitely can’t be your career’ and any form of adventure or risk guided by passion in your career would appear ‘foolish’.

All thanks to nurture- today while you can think you’re special; there are so many others just like you. The only attempt at a consolation I can give is that you know, we were all special once; when we were young and creative and emotional.


3 thoughts on “We Were Special”

  1. maybe we are different because of our journeys, because of how we respond to stimuli, because of our histories, our confidence, what we know about ourselves, our peculiar behaviours, rather than what we do/achieve/don’t achieve, or where we are, or our stages in life :/ whatever made you different when you were young still makes you different now…? you like decided otherwise because of separate criteria…? or maybe it’s the combination.

    OR maybe special is not about being different. or maybe …we award too much meaning to the word ‘special’

  2. At the end of the day, it’s not about feeling special (because you’re not going to get a trophy and because it’s narcissistic). It’s about discovering what you love and truly believe in, and then finding people who appreciates your mind, your heart. They might not necessarily deem you as “special,” and form a queue to be your friend. You’re just you because of your ideas and dreams and the way you make them feel and to me at least, that’s all that matters. I don’t like you because you’re special; I like you because you’re you.

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