You’re Not Special

If everyone is special, no one is.

I really enjoyed this commencement speech from 3:08 onwards, I don’t think anyone has put all my beliefs together into a string of words or paragraph as well as he has and I find this commencement speech perfect.


4 thoughts on “You’re Not Special”

  1. […] It is a myth not because our stories don’t shape who we become, but because our different stories can shape who we become similarly. Perhaps, our stories of loss differ greatly in content and detail but the takeaways that later come to shape our beliefs can still be of uncanny similarity. To think we’re too special would breed arrogance and apathy, so sometimes I would like to remind myself that I’m not special. […]

  2. […] The room for exploration with our countless moments easily leads us to believe that we are special. People say “it is what we make of our moments that make us” – that our actions, attitude and the choices that we make in the small happenings determine our person. When we consider the almost infinite possibilities in what we can do and if every tweak in a small moment can result in our becoming someone different, it is only logical that we are as different from one another as possible. We are different. We are special. And with the passing of time, the culmination of experiences, it seems, we can only become more different from one another and more special in our own way. That is true, but only partially so. I would like to propose that we are more similar than different and it is helpful to remind ourselves once in a while that ‘no, you’re not special’. […]

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