Aware of the People


Tomorrow a new term begins- more often than not, we begin determined and excited (I think) ready for the world but within two weeks of school, it feels like we need the holidays back again to ‘tie up loose ends’, ‘catch our breaths’. Why is it that we can start with so much energy but that energy never lasts for more than two weeks, fourteen days? Yeah, maybe it’s because school is way too tiring or that the work begins to pile up after a bit. Or yes, maybe it’s because we end school late, get home late and get our homework done late, then the vicious cycle that messes with our body clock begins. 

But I’d like to challenge you to a secret formula that could make this a little better, and it’s called being aware of the people. Everyday you meet so many people, from friends you know, to strangers you don’t, but how aware are we of anything beyond their names and faces? Do you even realise they’re there? How much do you know about what they’re experiencing at home- is it the same stress you are? Or do we have a clue about what they love to do or how they cope with stress? We rarely care enough to find out, and we always make too many assumptions about the people we come to interact with everyday. We assume they’re the same as everyone else you’ve met. It’s a pity. 

A pity because if we found out that maybe a lot more people are facing the same tiring schedule you are, you could be there for each other and make this better for yourself and the people around you. A pity because all our assumptions make us build a barrier between ourselves and these people we are around every single day. Before you know it, you separate and you only know their names. And it’s a pity because your closest friend could be going through the hardest of times and you mayn’t even know, because caring about him/her beyond the assumptions that you make never got your friendship anywhere. 

I hope I’m making sense because when I first got thinking about this a week ago at house comme camp, it was truly at wake-up call and something I really wanted to share. 

And I suppose if we were all a little kinder and a little more thoughtful to each other, strangers or not, our energy would keep recharging, it could last us till the June Holidays. Good luck!


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